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Trying to find a way of bringing ideas to life. no magic typewriter to help me so I've got to get off my own ass and do it.

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Myridon's News

Posted by Myridon - November 24th, 2017

Just finished the process of making my ebook into a paperback with Amazon. check it out soon


Posted by Myridon - September 29th, 2017

Published a new novel under Amazon. E-Book version available on kindle.

I Sell My Life By The Hour.


Excited, also writing up the last of another novel. Things are coming along.

Posted by Myridon - October 26th, 2012

Well I'm back again, finished the book, if anyone wants to read it they can find it at
Girl In Red Overalls
So let's get down to it, I'm still riding a momentum high and am writing up scripts to Dirk the Killer III and Reprisal, long time coming and my art style has changed, hopefully for the better, its gonna be interesting getting back into animation.

More updates soon.
Plus I'll be putting updates in the dumping grounds so there'll be progress reports for anyone still interesting in the quiet storyteller I am.

Posted by Myridon - June 25th, 2010

Wow it's been over a year?? God things happen so fast, first the computer crashes then when I reboot from my external drive I lose my animatics for Circle and Reprisal, DTK is intact. CLI is untouched.

The next while is gonna be touch I lost my flash program and the DVD drive on the motherboard is shot to pieces :( just need to get hold of an external drive, any recommendations on good hardware...thats cheap too?

So making no promises I should have something done by the end of the year in both series and an new animation entirely.

Peace out.

Posted by Myridon - December 8th, 2008

Circle is well underway now, you will be hearing news very soon about the prgress of this, its a story based off of a thread I had in a PBEM group I started. I'll put a link to it in the movie.
if you are bored why don't you go and check my other flashes.

I need more reviews heres a quick snapshot, the colour scheme'll change but you get the picture :D
talk soon I'll have more later chao!

Progress woo hoo

Posted by Myridon - October 11th, 2008

REPRISAL is on hold yet again.
Flash is giving me this "the isn't enough memory to publish" message.
I'll have my brother look at it, I reconfigured the virtual memory I don't know what else to do.

The next project is Chun Li Investigates III
This should move along without any hitches.

Posted by Myridon - October 10th, 2008

With the fair amount of success my two sequels have gotten in the last few days I have decided to try a few new flashes out, I had lots of ideas for flashes, some were way too ambitious, for animation to get the amount of emotion I wanted out of the characters was too much to ask of myself.

Until now, I am now more confident with camera movements, my artwokr needs clearing up but other than that its coming along great. The next project to come out of Camp Myridia will be called REPRISAL.. look out for it soon.

It is by far the most ambitious I have been since I first stared at a flash layout screen. There will be music voices and ambience, by far my most put together piece. I've just gotten to the title screen in the animation and its shaping up fantastically.
Sorry if it seems I am praising myself, I am just so surprised how its finally coming to me.


Posted by Myridon - September 17th, 2008

So it's about time something came out of Camp Myridia, well on the agenda is Circle, one of the bigger projects, I could just sit around with DTK and work upto it but I might as well start now :D

The premise of Circle is gonna be a well kept secret until its released, hopefully it will appeal to people, if not, oh well its a large project and I will be happy when its finished.

Posted by Myridon - July 28th, 2008

Hey everyone, I've notice a lot of people going on about RL problems and telling other people theres a problem to deal with, but never state what it is, it never dawned on me for ages.

In January my mum died.
this is the first time I have written or even spoke about it, I've mentioned it in passing, never delving into it that much you know, why bother if its gonna hurt, that kind ofthing, I suppose the attitude I had wasn't the best thing to have at the time, I still haven't cried over her, horrible as it sounds I just haven;t cried over her. I came downstairs on the morning of the 9th, my dad woke me up and we waited for the ambulance, but she was dead lying on the couch.

I was in a slump for ages, not doing anything at all, I never did anything before, but I never noticed it before, I got out of the slump around JUNE. it took that long to get back onto a shedule. I was planning on leaving in june, I would have all my loans paid and I would have a full driving liscence, but it hasn't worked out that way, I have payed off my loans, but there is no liscense, I may head over to england and do an intesive driving course.

I still have to save up though, I will take ages but its cool, I'm only on Jobseekers, I can't work anywhere I have to do heavy lifting or anything that will strain my back until I get the all clear from the hospital in Dublin, so that restricts my search LOL.

I'm essentially making this post to air a few thinsg out, yes I am 22 lving at home, its all to do with something medical I don't want to get into. I miss my mum and I feel this will get my thoughts out more coherently. I'm here listening to Blink 182: stay together for the Kids, and its the reason I made this post, they have very thought provoking music. I'm sure a dead mother wasn't the focus of the song but hey, its what worked for me.

Finally, In Real Life I am making a live-action movie. Me and a few friends, I have it half written and cameras and props. what I am asking you is simply this. Is it too little too late to dedicate this to my mum?

Thanks for reading, sorry if you thought it was a topical post about flash LOL

Posted by Myridon - February 1st, 2008

Well, I have DTK all set up, just putting it on flash now, been hard to get back into a rythm since DTK, I just had a Flurry of Inspiration one night and did it all in a single night, to some of the more experienced artists you can tell LOL, so since I had that luck with the first one I am putting more effort into the rest, the next one will be another short, far longer than number 1 of course the the 3rd will be another short.

Number 4 hould be a much longer short I have ambitious ideas for the plot and by that time I should have Dirk design down to a T. well until then keep an eye out seeing as i am putting a lot into this it may take a while haha.

*Concept pic for DTK3* = a simple breakfast is too much for Dirk.

DTK II Coming soon! DTK III Pic Preview