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creative script but overall its a step back. I do laugh at the 'really really really really really' part. older viwers who remember newgrounds of old would find this funny if you're into clocks

Surprisingly emotional, really good sound choices and nice flowling animation for the most part. I'd watch a lot more these artist' work

interesting concept, good pacing and good sync with the music. worth a watch.

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Really addictive game, need a bit of skill from the fifth level on. I must just suck at it lol. good design and good music. fun factor 10

looks a demo for something later on.

Taking into consideration that it is an interactive movie, i suggest only allowing a skip button on the intro, i had to replay to get the stories of each character.

They sound very interesting, i hope to see a full movie of them some day, maybe a few chapters......but i am getting ahead of myself.

This submission was quite well executed and i hope people will take the time to look over at it.

I also must add, if you are going to review a submission remember this, you are showing what the movie/game is. Not merely complaints, and not everyone that watches or plays any submission is obligated to write a revioew of how much they hated it. It puts a lot of people off.

In total, this was not the greatest submission i have watched but it has the potential to spawn of into something great.

Keep its up and i hope to see something again from you soon.

Fell for the music

It is quite an interesting game, i think if a bit more work went into it, maybe it would get a higher score.

I did think that song from Faxanadu was good for the game. Maybe a bit more movement with the guy, he was a little rigid for my liking.

Keep it up, its cool.

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This touched my Soul

I ahve never heard such a haunting tune, I a sure there will be people who say its not haunting, but the fact is this song touches peaople, it touched me, I felt shivers all over listening to this, I recommend this everyone.

Put it in your favourites, best song on Newgrounds. Period.


i liked this submission very much, i have been bopping my head to it for ages now. it reminds me of The whistle song's background beat.

Very good, i am sure someone will use it in a nightclub scene of a zelda parody some day.

NightMare5 responds:

Thanks :D
The drums are all sliced drum beats rearranged, but I love the whistle song.
That would be pretty neat to hear my music in a flash movie/game. Thanks for the review.
-By the way, my uncle is from ireland, and Ive been the a few times, great place-

Trying to find a way of bringing ideas to life. no magic typewriter to help me so I've got to get off my own ass and do it.

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